Lake Toho Guide

I was born right here in Orlando, Florida and grew up spending many weekends fishing with my family on the St. Johns river, Lake Toho and Lake Kissimmee. When I wasn't fishing with my family you could usually find me fishing the Econ River or any pond that I could get to with my bike. But don't be mistaken, just because I was fishing these amazing bodies of water it didn't mean I was catching 10lb bass. Those early years are what taught me to appreciate the outdoors and everything it offers. Eventually, the athlete in me took over and fishing took a backseat for a time while I played baseball, basketball, track and studied martial arts.

A couple of years out of high school I joined the United States Marine Corps just before the 1st Gulf War spending time in North Carolina and Iwakuni, Japan. The time spent serving my Country as a U. S. Marine is one of my proudest achievements. There is no doubt that the experience gained from the Military has a huge influence on how I approach my responsibility as a Professional Guide. As an ambassador to the sport I feel it is important to show clients that you can become a better angler by using honor and integrity in pursuit of big bass rather than take shortcuts.

In 1992 I was honorably discharged and went on to work with the Pepsi Bottling Group and Frito Lay here in Orlando enjoying success with those companies for the next 10 years. It is during this time that the passion for fishing really took over and I began working towards one day fishing full time and guiding for a living.

In 2003 I created Florida Bass Adventures and started guiding on Lake Walk in Water which is south of Orlando. Unfortunately, Lake Walk in Water suffered from the hurricanes of 2004 losing much of it's vegetation and with it the ability to be a year round trophy bass lake. This is when Lake Toho became our primary focus and as you can see from the numerous trophy bass photos, we have done pretty good. Recently, I have expanded to cover the St. Johns river as well as include some of the smaller chains in the area so that regardless of the conditions clients can have a great day.

Along with being a full time Orlando bass fishing guide I compete on the Bassmaster Southern Trail and the FLW Bassmaster Weekend Series tournaments. Proving my abilities against top competition is for my own personal gain but gives potential clients the confidence in knowing that I have the experience and knowledge to show them proven tactics and cutting edge techniques to help them achieve their goal.